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The Nike ad features Nigerian-American singer Annahstasia posing in a Nike sports bra with one arm raised over her head, defiantly displaying her natural armpit hair. And the laissez-faire attitude towards shaving legs, underarms, upper lips and more is in vogue with stars like Amandla Stenberg and Lourdes Leon strutting down red carpets flaunting their natural fur. We can do whatever we want with our bodies

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As ofthere are few heavily debated beauty topics left. There are models of all sizes and shapes, we now choose any haircut we like regardless of age, and even complicated makeup techniques are easier than ever. But there's still one big discussion that has been at the forefront of the beauty world for the past few years: female body hair.

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Your armpits grow hair, and there's nothing gross or shameful about it—that's the message London-based photographer Ben Hopper is trying to send with his Natural Beauty series of models and actresses proudly displaying their furry underarms. His intention isn't to convince women to put down the razor, necessarily, but he says, "I just think that it's a possibility and people shouldn't dismiss it. I'd like people to just question [beauty standards], the whole thing.

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Whilst the history of women's hair removal is a long and confusing one, the mystery around female body hair is pretty uncomplicated. Humans, and therefore women, have body hair and can decide what they want to do with it. Unfortunately, gender politics has somewhat muddied this truth, leading some to believe that body hair on women is unsightly, uncleanly and not 'womanly' at all. Thankfully, plenty of us out there know that's total hogwash.

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Illinois woman Hollie Ann Redinger was in a store checkout line when she heard the words, "Why does that lady have hairy armpits like daddy? But Redinger didn't mind. Instead, she used the exchange as an opportunity to teach the young girl about natural body hair—and then she wrote about it on Facebook to teach her friends and followers, too.

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For years, French women have been fighting armpit-fuzz stigma. And we all know the French are trendsetters…. The hashtag was started by year-old Adele Labo, who was mocked and teased at school for not shaving.

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Her look at the premiere of Notting Hill, beaming in a red sequined Vivienne Tam dress, arm raised to reveal a dark tuft, was immediately celebrated as a subversive feminist bird-flip against female beauty standards. Armpit hair remains a bizarre sticking point for anti-feminists. A few days ago, Nike uploaded a picture on Instagram showing the model and musician Annahstasia Enuke with a small amount of underarm hair visible; in response, thousands of commenters expressed outrage and disgust.

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So, Madonna has armpits. She also has products to sell. Even if that armpit picture was timed to coincide with the release of her new advert, even if that was the case - that is besides the point.

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However, it was her pose, which revealed an unshaven underarm, that quickly became the main topic of discussion. The post, which received more than 5, comments, seemed to spark fury, with anger on both sides coming from some who felt it was either unhygienic or gross and others who felt it was completely natural. Enough decided there was nothing wrong with showing off a bit of fur as the image has so far amassed more than 16, likes.

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Piers Morgan is never afraid to speak out on his views, but women were outraged when he said Julia Roberts' hairy armpits made him 'die inside'. The Good Morning Britain presenter was talking with his co-host, Susanna Reid, about the new campaign Janu-Hairy, empwoering women to stop shaving their armpits and embrace their natural hair. But Piers was disgusted by images of women, including celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and Julia Roberts, who decided to keep their hair, as the host said he "died inside" when he saw it. Something inside me did die when I saw that picture [of Julia Roberts with armpit hair.


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