Fun with vulvas

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In most girls, the first sign of puberty is when breasts start to develop. You might be 8, or you might be 13 when this happens. Either way, this age range is perfectly normal.

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T owards the end of last year, I published an essay about my vulva — in a book, and then in the Guardian. I felt a deep sense of shame about my body, which over time became crippling. In a book and accompanying film for Channel 4, she tells the stories of women and gender non-conforming people through portraits of their vulvas.

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Only recently in U. With the ascendance of cosmetic surgery and its profitsmarketing and its effectivenessand the visibility of pornography and its mainstreamingthere is now cultural pressure on women to have the perfect vulva see here and here. This post shows before and after pictures of labiaplasty.

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Skip navigation! When a man called Paul Bullen tried to mansplain women's sexual organs on Twitter last month, he fell into a common trap: getting the vulva the external part that includes the clitoris, labia, and vaginal and urethral openings and the vagina the internal canal connecting the vaginal opening and the cervix confused. When Twitter users including gynaecologists and women's health experts corrected him, Bullen remained resolute, defending his error as "how actual people speak".

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Oh, the vulva! What a great body part. Or, should I say, what a great collection of body parts.

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When most people think of the clitoris, they think of the small visible part. But research indicates that it actually has branches that extend down underneath the skin, along either side of the vulva, kind of in a wishbone shape. The vulva refers to the outside, visible parts of your genitalia.

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Back to Sexual health. Vaginas are designed to help us have and enjoy sex, have periods and have babies. But what's normal and what's not?

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Like every other part of your body, every vagina and vulva is different but this page will tell you a bit more about them, what they are for and how they generally work. Although most people tend to say vagina rather than vulva, the vagina is actually the muscular tube which leads from the cervix the opening of the womb to the vulva. As part of your vulva you have two sets of labia — the outer labia and the inner labia. The outer labia are covered in pubic hair, and they can be very fleshy.

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I keep a running list of decor I'd like to buy for my apartment. Staples include Anthropologie dinnerware I could never possibly afford, adorable planters I'd buy if I were actually capable of keeping plants aliveand a labia-laden mug I've had my eye on for at least two years now. Though the mug is the most practical purchase of the three, I've yet to snag it.

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Every day for the last year and a half, Hilde Atalanta has painted a picture of one vulva. At first, inspiration came from her imagination; then, from the internet; and, most recently, from women who send her photos of their goods. For the Amsterdam-based illustrator who also paints full bodies and faces, vulvas are compelling portrait subjects. A vulva, by the way, is the name for the visible part of what most people just dub "vagina.


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