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Buck also had a youthful sidekick named Buddy Wade Jackie Moran. I would giggle at the rocket-ships, with sparklers for exhaust trails, making buzzing Tesla coil noises. Wilma Deering Erin Gray, yet another childhood crush of mine.

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At the time, I was just a kid and never missed an episode as it was a continuation of its predecessor, Battlestar Galactica The show was full of nutty plotlines and came complete with a disco soundtrack from the masterful Giorgio Moroder, which I am sure I was not able to appreciate at the time. There was even a fictional alien girl group featured on the show called the Space Angels who had the voices of singers Carolyn Willis, Marti McCall, and Myrna Matthews, a long-time collaborator with Steely Dan.

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Colonel Wilma Deering Played by Erin Gray, Wilma Deering was the hot defender of Earth, often paired with Buck Rodgers, Colonel Deering has a close relationship with him, but he often flirts with other love interests in the various show. Colonel Deering is no damsel in distress and often comes to Buck Rogers aid. Actress Erin Gray began her career as a model, before venturing into the world of acting, she is best known for her role in Buck Rogers, but she has also featured in many programs and films.

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When she signed a Universal contract two years ago, it was not only a career breakthrough but the beginning of yet another domestic crisis. They were living in New York State, where his fortune had been rising in real estate. But after Erin was cast for the movie Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, she had to keep shuttling to L.

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Below, are my selections for the five best episodes of this space series, which ran for two seasons on NBC, and from to Although reluctantly, Buck undertakes the task. Soon, however, the crew of the Searcher begins to experience strange dreams and visions, ones ostensibly caused by this unique box. Admiral Asimov Jay Garner dreams of his crew starving to death in the loneliness of space, while Wilma Deering Erin Gray imagines herself a blind outcast, wandering the hallways of the Searcher alone….

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The year is Buck returns to earth some five hundred years in the future and is awakened from his cryogenic slumber to discover that things have seriously changed… and that his adventures have only just begun. What was it about the show that captured the imagination?

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This essay is a lyric and a guess—thoughts about Wilma Deering and space opera and sound, because composer Pauline Oliveros said she loved Buck Rogers on the radio as a child—and so I want to begin with two facts about myself. Two things I already know connect. Their only extra request was a vegan meal, of any kind. They were quick to laugh.


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