Radiation field for breast cancer

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Background and purpose: The aim of the present study was to evaluate if it is feasible for experienced radiation oncologists to visually sort out patients with a large dose to the heart. This would facilitate large retrospective data evaluations. And in case of an insufficient visual assessment, to define which structures should be contoured and which structures can be skipped as their dose can be derived from other easily contoured structures for future clinical trials.

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Also called radiotherapy, radiation treatment directs high-energy x-rays at the cancer cells to kill them or to keep them from growing. Your treatment plan may include radiation therapy after surgery in order to kill any remaining cancer cells in the breast, chest wall or lymph nodes. Women who undergo lumpectomy almost always need radiotherapy, too.

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Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy rays or particles to treat disease. It works by killing tumor cells or inhibiting their growth and division. Through years of clinical trials, radiation oncologists have studied the use of radiation therapy to treat breast cancer.

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Depending on the type of cancer you have, your doctor will use a specific total dose or amount of radiation to treat your cancer. Over time, many studies have been conducted to identify the most effective, yet safest dose, to cure or control your cancer. In some cases, data received from such studies have resulted in a decreased radiation dose compared to what has been considered standard care in the past. The dose of radiation is measured in units of Gray Gy.

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A new type of radiation treatment available this year could result in faster treatment and fewer side effects for some women with breast cancer. The device also has the potential to shorten radiation treatment time and reduce harsh side effects. Late last year, the GammaPod was cleared by the U.

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The course is primarily intended for specialists and trainees in the field of radiation and clinical oncology, including doctors, physicists, radiation therapists and other, who are interested in extending their knowledge of the management of breast cancer. Other specialists active in the field of breast cancer and interested in an updated view of the possibilities of modern radiation oncology are very much invited to participate as well. This multidisciplinary course aims to promote an integrated approach to the management of breast cancer.

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Skip Navigation. Duke radiation oncologists work closely with your surgical and medical oncologists, and with other members of your breast cancer team, to coordinate your care. We use the latest techniques to accurately target your radiation therapy to your cancer and minimize exposure of your healthy tissue to radiation.

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Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated the equivalence of BCT compared to more radical surgery mastectomy in terms of both local tumor recurrence and survival. Treatment often consists of two angled tangential beams designed to minimize dose to the underlying normal lung tissues. A similar approach may be used in women treated to the chest wall following mastectomy.

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Often, one or more treatment modalities may be used in order to provide the most complete treatment for the patient. Increasingly, it is common to use several treatment modalities concurrently together or in sequence. For the majority of newly diagnosed cancer patients, the optimal treatment may be a multi-modality approach composed of standard therapies that have been established through extensive medical research.

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For many patients with breast cancer, radiation therapy is an important aspect of treatment. Most commonly, radiation is used after surgical removal of breast cancer to kill any remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy damages DNA and kills cells in a particular area the "field" of radiation. Radiation oncologists can target radiation to different areas using different techniques.


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