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I believe there are a lot of Americans that are fed up with the non-stop stream of bullshit coming out of Washington and the whole political landscape. How they can make this into a political issue is beyond me. The conservatives are trying to savage the administration for not having the President at the explosion sight the day it happened.

Sign in. An exploration of the viewpoint that the September 11, attacks were planned by the United States government. This documentary explores the latest evidence and witness testimonies.

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Today was the second day of the Obama offensive. Well, a question. Will he be satisfied if there are no more firings at the Internal Revenue Service?

By Jonah Weiner. A dam McKay strode through his backyard one recent afternoon to show me the exact spot where, last January, a heart attack nearly killed him. An enormous pizza floatie drifted along the edge of his swimming pool, yellow cheese aglow in the Los Angeles sun, as McKay pointed to some exercise equipment.

As you may have gathered by now, the deficit reduction plan offered by debt commission chairs Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles is pretty unpopular, particularly on the left. There is a lot to like in it. I think that it is very bold.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Loose Change Video

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An outline in simple talking points It is well documented that the officials topping the chain of command for response to a domestic attack - George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield - all found reason to do something else during the actual attacks, other than assuming their duties as decision-makers.

There is a moment towards the end of the new film about Dick Cheney, Vicewhen its wild fury reaches a crescendo. The then vice-president is lying on an operating table with his chest clamped hideously open while undergoing a heart transplant. The vision cuts between the procedure and images of the violence of the terrible war in Iraq that he worked so hard to orchestrate. The defunct heart is gone, its replacement not yet installed.


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