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That's when, she said, she turned back from the checkpoint, went home and inscribed her protest sign, which says in Arabic: "From the American to the [female] Parliament employee — either no clothes, or the American prisons. She said that was the procedure for a couple of weeks until a new American soldier came on guard at the checkpoint and insisted that she had to go through the scanner. Iraqi officials said the incident Jaberi was protesting is still under investigation. Embassy, security is exceptionally tight. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

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naked women in hijab

People often have to wait in long lines to have their bags searched, their bodies patted down, their bodies scanned by an electronic imaging machine, their bags sniffed by dogs, and their identification cards examined.

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We don't want our offices to be blown up," she said. Reached recently by telephone at her workplace, Jaberi said her protest lasted a couple of hours. Her sign says, "From the American to the [female] Parliament employee — either no clothes, or the American prisons. That this lady would be holding up a picture in public that revealed, well, every feature of a woman's shape, was striking to say the least. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Eventually, she said, officials came out and told her that she would not have to go through the scanner. What it sees is the body itself, plus the dark outline of any jewelry or, presumably, any concealed weapon.

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