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anime boob inflation
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Chifusa attempts to protect her chest, but eventually gets pinned down by Kaede, who begins to suckle greedily on her chest for the whole afternoon. In a world in which having large breasts means everything, the successor of the powerful Manyu family, Chifusa Manyu, defects and steals the Manyu Scroll of Secrets which contains all the Manyu secret techniques for breast enlargement , but is wounded during her escape. As Chifusa is about to leave, she is confronted by Kagefusa, who had also captured Chifusa's comrade, Kaede, and severed her breasts. While fleeing, Momoha is fatally wounded and as she lays dying gives Chifusa her tits so she can use their essence to master both the Manyu and Munamori techniques before bidding her farewell and wishing her good luck on her mission. Cover of the first manga volume featuring Chifusa Manyu. The next day as everyone hunts for the octopus, Oiso is captured while saving Kaede from the octopus, so Chifusa dives in after her.

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anime boob inflation

Chifusa strikes a deal with them and makes them promise not to assault any more women

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Anime boob inflation

However, this landlady turns out to be a Manyu assassin who drugs both Chifusa and Kaede and then hypnotizes them with her breasts, intending to turn them into her lesbian love slaves. A raw uncensored "Director's Cut" version of the anime became available via webcast on ShowTime's video portal on July 22, However, before she can finish taking control of their minds, the hypnotized Kaede pounces at the landlady's breasts, releasing Chifusa from the mind control effect and giving her the chance to absorb the landlady's breasts. That night, the Boobie Kid strikes but is chased away and caught by Chifusa. Chifusa begins to recall what happened what day while at the same time, in Muneyuki's house, Ouka does the same.

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