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hard core tumblr
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Assumptions based on something learnt from lives of others before are the worst kind. Or I think of an item in a box. So even if you feel stuck, all is in motion in the background and the Universe has been building a new base for everyone. Feels as if it all ended, Seraphim? Divine masculine is not a man. We met in , live in LDR on two opposite sides of planet Earth and mostly much above. So I then look or touch a thing or two and I ask them to be sold.

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Elaina. Age: 31.
hard core tumblr

There is an immensely high vibration felt and it comes from within the heart this time, effecting all lower chakras, detaching them form 3D sources, filling with a new courage, independence, power, self-confidence etc.

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Mariam. Age: 31.
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Service to self is necessary to keep boundaries and inner harmony, because we always help other people anyway if we only have enough of resources and wish to share. So I then look or touch a thing or two and I ask them to be sold. So if it was a re-memory, it could be true that I was not supposed to be with him in this lifetime, just teach him a few lessons and become matched with the one I was coupled in a Mayan village. Keep reading Posted 2 years ago 11 notes leo moon eclipse , twinflames merging , high vibration , Ascension , new earth , fire within , seraphim , ophanim , cherubim , rebellion in heaven , levitation , egypt , sphinx , lion codes , alice in wonderland ,. This is a message to all of you who identify with Seraphim angels , who have this inner knowing of who you were first in this long re-incarnation cycle, and have an awareness that you are coming back to who you originally were, a full circle. The Orange Ray - who are you?

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