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Poor Jack, or maybe I should say lucky Jack, found himself on a dirt road, miles from anywhere and out of gas. By now Jack was so horny and tensed up he figured he shoot his load at any moment but then Astrid stopped and left him twitching and shaking like someone with shell shock. Beside little whimpers of pleasure, she made slurping noises as though she sucking a mango or something. Her nicely rounded ass wiggled with expectation as Jack guided it slowly in then quickly took it out and rammed it in with a vengeance. Both girls stripped down and tossed their clothes in the air as they did so.

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Thalia. Age: 27.
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As she was sucking and massaging his balls Beatrix lay back on the bed watching and fingering her cunt.

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Paris. Age: 29.
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Jack wanted to slow the process down, they were far too aggressive for him and so he invited them both to lay down and he knelt in between them. As he began to thrust his dick in and out of Beatrix, Astrid rubbed against his ass in time with the stroke. Beatrix played gently with his dick to ensure that it would be ready for her turn. When he withdrew his dick Beatrix just flopped face forward onto the bed but her sister went down onto he knees and started to suck every last drop from his throbbing cock. Suddenly without warming, Beatrix got off the bed and sitting on the floor between his legs she pulled on his balls forcing his foreskin back as far as it would go. During the conversation that ensued at the table he gathered that their father had passed away a couple of years ago, their mother had taken off to the city and they were running a acre spread on their own. And so, as the girls seemed in no hurry for him to go, he decided to put down roots for a while.

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