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basketball shorts bulge
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Id give anything to have what you have. Assholes are insufferable, after all. Maybe you might want to consider something more snug under your shorts if it bothers you too much, like tight-fitting briefs. Let it roll off and consider it a compliment. Try not to be self conscious and just enjoy your body the way you are made.

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Kyra. Age: 22.
basketball shorts bulge

I get a lot of looks and some of the guys make fun of me, especially when we're in the locker room changing or showering after class.

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Addyson. Age: 23.
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Gym shorts bulge question?

Allow me to indulge you and take the question seriously: stop complaining. How do you think about the answers? Yesterday you were a freshman on the swim team and embarrassed to shower with the other guys like any guy on a college swim team would not be used to being nude in the locker room. Why Trump's script change on 'The Nanny' was rejected. Assholes are insufferable, after all.

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