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Even though he didn't feel anything unpleasant in the moment, my boyfriend reported a "mild burning" from the grapefruit juice in his urethra when he peed afterwards. So while I can't declare my food sex hangups completely gone, I can percent recommend the grapefruit blowjob. In her video, Angel recommended blindfolding your partner and springing the grapefruit on them as a surprise. Also, you are both going to need to take showers, and getting that pulp out of public hair took a few aggressive shampooings. Surely, putting some fruit on my favorite boner should be a breeze in comparison. He also found the grapefruit's coolness "refreshing," and the wetness exciting.

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After a few minutes, I got up, got the slice, and silently wondered if I was going to end up having to do something really weird to apologize for this later. In the post-show cleanup, the few drawbacks of the technique became clear. Guaranteed to fulfill you more than your ex. Do not try this without laying down a towel first, unless you're doing it on some kind of tiled floor that you can hose down, because the grapefruit blowjob is, above all else, an enormous mess. I had my suspicions "yes" on the last one , but had to know for sure. I need to put a grapefruit on your dick. In high school, I once got to second base with two dudes at once.

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