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batfxxx dark night parody
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There were a couple Batman parody movies that appeared this year and this one is based on the more serious of the two projects. Well from what I gathered from watching it was for the Jo-Kerr to go from location to location and spray some form of aerosol can that when people breathed in the aroma they lost all their inhibitions and went for it. Another big role in this is Katwoman and who do they get for this. This included the good guys and the bad guys fucking each other. No other ADT reviews available. There were some scenes that featured a more concentrated attack with less folks in it. Hey porn fans, still working through the massive pile of dvds I received for the AVN awards and believe me it's a lot but when I saw the Batfxxx parody it immediately jumped out to me so I decided to slip that one in today.

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This included the good guys and the bad guys fucking each other.

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Batfxxx: Dark Night Parody (Disc 2)

No real extras for this movie which I have to say was a disappointment. Who were these girls why one was Kristina Rose and the other was Blake Rose. Pete did good here and the makeup was great and you had Poison Ivy played by Tory Lane get a good orgy scene. Some of the lighting in this was a bit dark but hey it's the Dark Knight parody so that made sense and it wasn't so bad you couldn't make out the action which does include some good closeups. The first scene of the movie was such a scene featuring Nick Manning rescuing a couple of flight attendants from the Jo-Kerr's henchman.

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