How to find a submissive

how to find a submissive
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Obviously, you need to be extremely careful and exercise caution when meeting someone from the internet. Always respect your partner's boundaries. In my area it's very common to need extreme discretion given your job, and I have not so far heard any horror stories from anyone that got outed due to being seen at an event. The catch is that it doesn't happen right away. This is a very particular type of session that is not for everyone, but it could be perfect for someone who wants to make sure that sex and the social aspects of a relationship are completely separate. Remember that the most important part about BDSM is safety.

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Courtney. Age: 31.
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Our 12th in person date is coming up soon!

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Montserrat. Age: 23.
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Finding a Dominant/submissive play partner

What to discuss with a potential play partner So, you're into receiving physical pain, specifically hitting. I recommend always playing with new partners in public, in order to avoid risky private situations. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what to consider about you and BDSM. Start with Fetlife, and get involved! I tried FetLife and got scared out by people who wanted to meet in really gross, sketchy places. Munches encourage you to get to know the local community, and often the right person for you will turn up in the community. I'm from a pretty small country… How does one meet a dominant male??

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