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In Dragon Ball Z he created 18 as a tool to extract his vengeance. Let's get up close and personal with 24 of the sexiest anime hotties out there! She also appears at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and witnesses the brutal beating Videl receives at the hands of Spopovich. More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! Bulma is known to be a bit boy crazy, and for much of the series Yamcha is her boyfriend.

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Pan How many members of the Son family have we watched grow up? Briefs Next up we have the ditsy yet well-meaning Mrs. Videl Videl is introduced as a friend of Erasa, and one of Gohan's classmates when the latter begins attending college. Android 18 Android 18 was created by the nefarious Dr. Android 18 was created by the nefarious Dr. Launch suffers from multiple personality disorder.

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