Danny phantom sam and danny

danny phantom sam and danny
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It is clear that she would do anything she could to help her friends during their numerous battles and keep them out of trouble. Her only level of intimate interactions with Danny during the series were the two "fake-out make-outs," both to create a distraction and avoid danger the first planned by Sam while the second by Danny. Sam considers Tucker her best friend, but the two are quite opposites his meat habits as opposed to her vegetarian habits, his lighthearted behavior to her more down-to-earth method and often bicker over even the mundane reasons. Based on how she conducts herself, it would be fairer to say that she labels herself a goth more as an outlet for her independence and individuality than as an embrace of how the stereotypical goth is presumed to behave. Sam's usual clothing consists of a black choker around her neck. Sam has fair skin, violet eyes, and short black hair with a small ponytail at the top and at the back of her head held by a green hair tie.

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danny phantom sam and danny

On the other hand, Danny is mostly oblivious to her feelings.

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Sam Manson

However, she keeps her family's wealth as a secret with only her best friends knowing. Danny and Tucker eventually rescue her, along with Dora's help. Many times when he expresses his desire to be rid of his powers and have a normal teen life, she voices her distaste for the idea. Throughout the series, Danny considers Sam to be one of his best friends. She is responsible for Danny's accident and designing the "D" emblem on his outfit. Out of the three, Sam is usually the most rational and mature, often thinking on a realistic level compared to her friends and pointing out to Danny to focus more on ghost training and hunting.

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