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Essentially, what I do is share my shit and give people a hand up. A few days later, and feeling particularly lonely, I receive an unprompted text from Hall. But she's unapologetic about her tendency to overshare. On the day we meet, she and Mahon "are arguing". The couple then married, and Arlo, now five, followed soon after. She actively counters the unfortunate tendency for mummy-judgment that has permeated parenting blogs.

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Kaylie. Age: 23.
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She was the first housemate of the series to be evicted, because she had lied about her relationship status during the audition process.

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Emma. Age: 24.
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I didn't expect a career out of it, while a lot of the girls in my year had to see psychiatrists and psychologists because they were so into it. But these sombre topics are lightened by tales of the time she toilet-trained her kids in the backyard, and how her first boyfriend's mother was convinced her son was a reincarnated dolphin. Hall now plans to ride that positive wave by turning her movement into a tangible network by developing an app. She admits that this become something of an Achilles heel for her. These more revealing aspects come naturally to Hall, a self-described extrovert who was once a contestant on Big Brother. When Hall does lose control, drama ensues.

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