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Can someone for the fucking life of me explain how to get my save files and what not from the EXE? Comment Name Email Website. Are any of the future updates going to have any more Casey x Kelly scenes? I will support on patreon but right now i dont have a trust income of money :' But rlly, thanks for whats u r doing. Maybe add some jealous and catfight scene for girls lol. It is awesome and i really love this game but can you add a save system it will be fantastic.

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Elena. Age: 28.
leave 2 gether

So with Flash being discontinued in , what are you planning on doing after that?

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Jaelyn. Age: 26.
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Panthea - leave2gether V0.14

Because i save in day 4 and when i came back the load space was empty, idk if i have to be patroen, if its a bug o I need to have a profile in this page or something like that, im playing the last version, I think 0. Are u gonna add some stockings or crotchless pantyhose in wardrobe in later versions, cause it was awseome sexy thing in the game, that had been canceled? I have silly idea you should do a cockfight between Jack and Sam as a wet dreams or event for Casey when build up enough affection for both men. Any updates on the next version release? Since Sam is in the bathroom a lot, how about a golden shower or squirting scene?

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